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How fit are you?

The Surpass Rubric is designed to assess your overall fitness. It's easy to define strength based on someone's lift, say, a 300 lb squat. But is a 200 lb person squatting 300 lbs more "fit" than a 125 lb preson squatting 200 lbs? And what if they are a male/female?

Here's another one. Who's more fit, a runner or a weightlifter?

Clearly, it's hard to assess one's fitness based off of one category. The Surpass Rubric is a grading system devised by Coach William Chang, (NASM Certified Trainer, Sports Performance Specialist, and CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer), which calculates your overall fitness based on your gender, weight, and various performance measurements. It is used at the Surpass Center to evaluate an athlete's strengths & weaknesses, broken down by movement, power, strength, endurance, and aestethics (of course we had to throw that in there).

This rubric is based on over 6 years of training, research done by the University of Adelphi, and standards devised by USPA. Athletes scoring over 50 points are *athletically* capable to compete in the Crossfit games, with the proper regime.

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